Lepy LP-V3S

Lepy LP-V3S

You know an amp is going to be a real winner when the marketing promotes its Toshiba TA8254 over and over, but the unit actually contains the lower-spec STMicroelectronics TDA7377.

I haven’t done much as far as listening tests, so I don’t have a subjective opinion to share, but here’s some data in the mean time:

See how it stack up with its peers.

Amplifier Chip STMicroelectronics TDA7377
Top Text Lepy LP-V3S
Hi-End Amplifier
2 Ch Output Power Amplifier 25W R.M.S
Board Text Lepy MADE IN BUKANG P-V3D-2.0 lepy.com.cn 160328 PCB lepai0663.cn.alibaba.com 206C399-2
Right Channel Top White Jack
Left Channel Bottom Red Jack
Input Power Label [None]
Included Power Supply RL-1205AP 12V/5A

Lepy LP-V3S Naked Front Lepy LP-V3S Naked Top Lepy LP-V3S Naked Bottom Lepy LP-V3S Back Lepy LP-V3S Top

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