Kingsdun Torx Screwdriver Set

Kingsdun Torx Screwdriver Set

Kingsdun is one of those sound-alike generic Chinese brands no one has heard of and as far as I can tell, they focus mostly on fiddly bits to take other fiddly bits apart – think laptop / phone repair. I’ve used this set on both phones and mini amplifiers.

The set includes your normal T3 - T7 and then a T8 and T10 that have the dimple in the middle to remove so-called security screws. Rounding out the set, they throw in a couple pairs of pressed stainless tweezers, a tiny slot and philips, and a plastic spudger.

Torx Molding

The plastic / rubber molding is about the quality you would expect from cheap imported tools. The plastic has notable seams and tags and the rubber overmold is visually messy around the edges. Fortunately, it does appear to be holding up to my occasional use. The business end is painted black in what I assume is an attempt to look hardened, but they’re definitely not hardened and the black paint comes off with use.

Torx Tip

While they are a bit chintzy I’ve not managed to strip any of the heads in about a year of use. Are they worth $9.99 for a hobbyist like me to occasionally take things apart? Definitely. If you make your living taking things apart, get yourself something better like the German-made hardened Wiha set below:

If you would like to print the stand I made for my Kingsdun set, you can find it free on Thingiverse.

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